basic information
full NAME: Olivia Emily Lutz
AGE & DATE OF BIRTH: 28 & November 9, 1987
OCCUPATION: Hotel Front Desk Clerk
HOMETOWN: Chicago, Illinois
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Greenwich Village, Manhattan NYC

quick facts
Suffers from what she considers a mild case of trypophobia, which is the fear of holes or clusters of holes. However, trypophobia is not an official phobia recognized in scientific literature.

Has a great love for the outdoors, especially hiking. Whenever the weather is nice, and she can get away from work for the day she's most likely out somewhere walking or hiking. Just truly enjoying being outside as much as possible.

Is extremely close with her family, especially her sister. They may not always see eye to eye on everything, but she'd be lost without Leslie.

She did decent in both high school and college, but schoolwork wasn't exactly her forte. She did go on to receive her Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics.

Doesn't really know what she's looking for when it comes to a relationship. She figures as long as they can click, then she has no problem seeing where it could lead. If she finds the right person, then she finds the right person.

Has a nervous habit of biting her nails. Her mother used to try to put hot sauce on her fingers when she was little in hope that she would stop. She didn't.

Would like to take a road trip around The United States at least once in her life. It's just about finding the right time, a car that will make it, and someone willing to go with her.


Benjamin Lutz and Lucy Lustig's first words to one another were "Fuck you." Not at all the expected pleansantries exchanged by two individuals that would later fall deeply, madly in love and wed. (And later, fall deeply, madly out of love and divorce.) Both were driving on a snow covered I-90 in Chicago when she rear ended him as he was en route to pick up a woman for a first date - One that he worked extremely hard to secure. As they got out of their respective cars to exchange insurance information and assess damage, the heated words went flying in an exchange that served as an entertaining soap opera-like drama for rubbernecking onlookers until the police arrived to mediate. The following weeks brought them together again after Lucy's hotheaded and protective brother, Oliver, gave Benjamin two black eyes for which Lucy felt compelled to apologize. It took a fair amount of coaxing until Benjamin agreed to a consolation dinner that Lucy insisted on.

Shortly after they began officially dating Lucy found out that she was pregnant with their first child. A son, Benjamin, named after both his father and grandfather. The pair married and had Benji all within a one year period of time. Two and a half years after that Lucy rejoiced as she held the sonogram that showed she would be having a baby girl. Lucy wasn't due for another two and a half weeks when Olivia insisted on making her presence known in the midst of a Halloween party. Born on November 1, 1987, Olivia was named after her uncle Oliver whose hot headed Scorpio nature and ambission she made it very clear she had inherited immediately.

Olivia's childhood was peppered with bits of normalcy what with her involvement and dedication to soccer and the time she spent with her grandparents at their restaurant, Benjamelia's (a conglomeration of Benjamin & Amelia, Olivia's great grandparents), which was a glorified diner and the only place that Olivia truly felt was a safe haven. In her small South side apartment that was barely big enough for two, let alone a family of four and two dogs, she frequently fell asleep to the soundtrack of her parents voices booming through the paper thin walls. They fought over finances, accusations of adultery, calls home from school regarding Benji's behavior, and mostly Lucy's addictive personality. There were a multitude of occasions during which Lucy made and broke promises to her children. She never made it to soccer games because she had been pulled over on the way there and failed sobriety tests. She rarely read bedtime stories to Olivia and Benji because her head was pounding from a hangover or she wasn't able to keep her nose out of the white powder for long enough to get through more than three pages. Olivia blamed herself, convinced that if she earned higher grades, won more soccer games, cuddled more fiercely, took better care of the dogs that her mother's behavior would change. Meanwhile, Benjamin worked hard in the early and middle years of their childhood to make up for Lucy's shortcomings. He and Benji cheered on from the sidelines of every soccer match - even the ones that ended at 11:00 on a school night and required the two hour drive from Peoria or Princeton back downtown.

By the time Olivia had reached high school she was captain of the Varsity soccer team as a sophomore and earned straight As in all of her classes. Various college recruiters came to games to scout her for scholarship opportunities despite it being so early in her high school career. The summer before her junior year of high school was a particularly promising one, with an invite to attend a month long soccer camp at the University of North Carolina. One day before she was set to leave her mother arrived home in a drunken stupor, stumbling over packed bags that waited eagerly by the front door for morning to come. By her side stood a tall, dark and handsome man with the most hideous craters in his face that she had ever seen. Olivia felt disgusted merely being within ten feet of the man. As she took drunken steps through the house, Lucy marched right up to Benjamin and pronounced CraterFace to be her boyfriend, demanding a divorce effective immediately for Olivia, Benji and their father to hear. By this age any attempts from her parents to keep their arguments under wraps had ceased. That was made very clear when her father abruptly grabbed her mother by the throat and slapped her before beating her boyfriend's face to the ground. Olivia stood motionless and with icy hot tears brimming at her eyes. She was stunned and disgusted. Benji, home from college for the summer, hurriedly ushered his little sister out of the house and to a neighbor's down the street. Screams of protest escaped her lips as she demanded to be brought back to her home. Two hours later CPS had been contacted and her mother was taken to jail and eventually was admitted to a rehabilitation facility for women. Olivia and Benji spent the remainder of the evening at Benjamelia's with their grandparents where she indulged in all the comfort food her heart desired until she had eaten herself into a food coma. Needless to say, Olivia did not spend the summer playing soccer at UNC and, instead, spent a majority of the time with her grandparents until her father was acquitted of all charges and the family of three returned to their apartment in time for Olivia's senior year.

The start of the new school year brought an onslaught of rumors and unkind words throughout the hallways at school. As completely ludacris stories were passed from lips to ears Olivia expended her energy on attempting to put it all to a stop. She was suspended just two days before her 18th birthday for punching two of the junior girls in the face after they approached her with nonsensical accusations regarding her family. When she returned to school one week later and was playing in an important sectionals soccer game one of the players on the opposing team knew just how to get under her skin and Olivia found herself in even more trouble, but of a different kind. As ugly words were muttered in between passes Olivia eventually shoved her elbow into the girl's chest - hard - before scoring a goal to tie the game. As she excitedly sprinted down the field to be greeted in celebration by her teammates the girl on the other team tripped Olivia. She fell to the ground and landed on her knee in exactly the wrong way that left her with a torn ACL which required three surgeries over the next few years to completely fix. Needless to say her soccer career ended that day as a result of her temper and her inability to appropriate cope with all that had developed the previous summer. As she entered physical therpy for her knee that spring, Olivia also began seeing a psychologist. The remainder of her senior year was spent wearing a veil of aloof coolness to avoid confrontation with questions or remarks that were tossed around regarding her family. She was also forced to craft a new plan for the future that did not include a soccer scholarship but, instead, an academic one.

Olivia began her freshman year of college in New York City at Columbia University. She graduated with a degree in Economics and Sociology, neither of which she currently uses. She lives in Greenwhich Villages and spends most of her time working. While she has decided to stop playing soccer she currently coaches in a recreational league for 5-6 year olds.


PLAYED BY: Katie Cassidy.
JOURNAL: ~lutzo.
AVAILABILITY: On during the evening, but will randomly be on during the day depending on work schedule. EST. Third person storybook. Best way to contact is via ooc post.